Steadicam and Omega AR equipment

Equipment rental is negotiated per the needs of the job. We can craft a gear rental quote based on your show and how we can best serve your needs. We offer regular Steadicam equipment, MK-V Omega AR steadicam system, rickshaw, Zeegee, follow focus systems and whatever we need to get the shot!

MK-V Omega AR

Combine electronic horizon control with on-command 360+ degree rotation at up to 1 second per revolution, and you have the Omega AR. Useful for creating shots from ground to eye height, but also for horizon maintenance. The rig can be used on a Steadicam, but also with a tripod or other mount where horizons need to be maintained (driving in a car, riding in a boat, etc).

GPI CineLive HD Steadicam package

Made by GPI PRO Systems, GPI has created a fantastic sled designed with the live television and live event operator in mind. With this sled comes the buttery smooth GPI PRO “Atlas” 2-canister arm, with a lifting capacity of 53lbs. Nobody switches from a PRO Arm to another arm. Also on my sled is the SmallHD 703U monitor, rated to 2200nits(!!) of brightness with a bonded anti-reflective glass panel. I’ve worked in bright, marine layer skies and never lost visual on my screen image. I have a tally system for on camera talent to know when we’re taking them, and an over-the-lens teleprompter.

GPI PRO2 HD Steadicam package

Also made by GPI PRO Systems, GPI has set a level of engineering excellence that raised the bar on other manufacturers and continues to perform at a level of reliability, versatility and ruggedness to which others pale in comparison. With this sled comes the incomparable GPI PRO “Titan” 4-canister arm, with a lifting capacity of 72lbs, an arm so perfect that George Paddock often jokes he made the “perfect arm” too soon. Nobody switches from the PRO Arm to another arm. It’s the last arm I’ll ever use. Also on my sled is the Atomos Shogun Flame, rated to 1500 nitsĀ of brightness with a bonded anti-reflective glass panel.

Zeegee is a device that mounts to my steadicam arms and allows for more handheld-like moves and operating while also stabilized and lifted.

Wireless Follow Focus
Available for rental is a 3-channel Preston digital wireless follow focus system, often called a “FIZ” for “Focus, Iris and Zoom” control capabilities. The 3rd generation “Hand Unit 3” or HU3 stores an internal database of lenses and markings, so swapping lenses is as easy as mounting the new lens and pressing “calibrate”. The Preston FIZ set the standard for wireless follow focus on all feature film, commercial and television production.

The IDX CW3 is a low cost but equally comparable wireless HD transmission system. Built on the same electronics as the Teradek Bolt Pro systems, the IDX CW3 locks the wireless image within seconds of booting, and can perform at over 300 feet of range. Wireless antennas make certain that video village never loses sight of the shot, even if we’re out of line of sight.

Stanton Gimbal Arm Focus/Zoom (Live)
The Stanton focus/zoom device allows me to control both focal length and focus on ENG cameras and lenses. In a live environment, I use the Stanton to maintain total control and total independence in the course of our show, event or production. I always bring a backup Stanton device, so in the unlikely event of a device failure, I can swap gear and immediately be back up and shooting in mere moments.

Fiber/Triax Tether Adapters (Live)
If shooting in a studio or stage environment that requires a fiber or triax connection to the camera, I bring lightweight, ultra flexible adapters for both fiber and triax shoots. With the adapters, I can continue to shoot with minimal flex or influence on the Steadicam’s inertia, and the CCU can maintain control of my camera.


I have two carts that are powered (48v battery powers 2x 350w wheels): YaegerPro 52″ and Inovativ Scout 36. Both carts are rugged and sturdy for everyday jobs or longer shows.