I have worked on commercial steadicam content for some of the top recognized names in the world, including brands like: NFL, Apple, Google, The Walt Disney Company, Denny’s, eBay, ADIDAS, Urban Outfitters, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Paul Mitchell, MTV and many more. Below are just a few of those finished products.

Commercial work is different from any other kind of production work. You take so much more time perfecting every little nuance of the moving image, because it represents your brand and acts as a springboard to spur interest that translate into sales. Some of my most meticulous work comes from commercial work, and it always results in the highes value work and highest value returns on investment.

Denny’s “Diner Time” spot, 1 of 3.

Apothic Wines

TopBuzz 2017 spot

Sony Entertainment Network “VIP”

Jimmy Choo Spring lineup featuring Catherine McNeill

UCLA – “We, the Optimists”